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Kickstart Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the greatest opportunity you can leverage. There is no easier and better way to reach your consumers.

IT Support’s marketing guru can help you elevate online presence on most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. We help SMEs with brand and product promotions on social media sites.

IT Support can help your business with Social Media marketing planning, implementation, ongoing management and engagement. We live and breathe social because almost everyone is using one social network or another, we are literally forced to be on those networks not only to promote our business but our client’s businesses too.

IT Support has developed social media marketing plans and creative advertising solutions for SMEs in Reading, Berkshire and around the world. Contact us today to find out more about our popular social media management services.

IT Support provides social media marketing services and consultancy for clients throughout Europe.

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Social Media Marketing Services - What can we do with it?

Facebook marketing (pages, groups, fans)

We will create and maintain a well-optimised, successful Facebook presence. Then we will use Facebook’s marketing platform to promote your company’s products and services.

Social Media Marketing Training

If you want to train your own staff to effectively manage your social media accounts and advertising campaigns then we can provide that training. Contact us discuss this option.

Social Media Monitoring

We monitor social media sites to see what people are saying about your brand or company then analyse and compile online feedback, create a report and submit it to you with our recommendations on how to manage and respond.

Content Marketing

Great content is always appreciated if it reaches the right target audience. Content is King so lets spread the word. We can target Digg, Reddit and other social networks to promote your content.

Video Promotion

We can manage your YouTube Channel completely and interact with your fans on your behalf or just advertise and promote your videos. We’ll also advise you on best SEO practices when it comes to YouTube in order to increase your organic reach.

Twitter | Pinterest and Instagram

Depending on what you are promoting we can create targeted marketing campaigns for those sites only and reach out to their users.

Social Media Marketing – How it works?

Social Media MarketingOur social media marketing campaigns follow the process below. We understand that each client will have different requirements but the actual process is pretty much the same for every social media marketing campaign we create.

  • Establish presence on social media sites
  • Design custom pages and update info on social sites
  • Promote likes and followers
  • Post engaging content
  • Create advertising campaign to promote your business
  • Tracking and reporting

We can work with your sales and marketing team on regular social media marketing campaigns or even on a single campaign.

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