It’s true isn’t it? You decide you will get your business to the next level – you go and register your business on most social media websites, then you realise how time-consuming and difficult it really is. You find yourself constantly thinking about what should I post, how am I going to manage all this, what’s the point of all this etc and before you know it most of your social media accounts end up looking abandoned and not cared for. Obviously, that image won’t do your business any good, so don’t create something if you can’t manage it.

Don’t commit if you’re not ready

The biggest mistake you can make is to create accounts on too many social media websites and not be able to manage them properly. If you are not ready to look after it then don’t do it. If your marketing budget allows it then get someone else to do it for you.

Yes, it’s important to be on more than one social media platform but not when you are just getting your business out there. You simply won’t have enough time and ideas to effectively manage all those accounts. Start with Facebook and Twitter and then when you feel confident that you know what you are doing expand to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Beginning is always the hardest part

Social media for businessGetting started on Twitter and Facebook with no fans and followers can be daunting so naturally some business owners will resort to buying followers and fans. I would strongly advise you against it. Instead of buying fake fans and followers get involved and engaged, start talking to people and other business on Facebook and Twitter. Follow your local hashtags and see who’s out there and how they are promoting their business. Comment on other pages with your business name instead of your personal profile. You can also advertise your business on Facebook and get hundreds of new genuine fans for close to nothing.

Spamming social media won’t get you very far

Small business owners with no social media experience tend to spam too much because they don’t realise how the whole thing works. Every day I see small businesses post self-promoting messages stuffed with hashtags that are not only spammy but sometimes completely irrelevant too. Take it easy and don’t spam and over promote your business or services or you will have no real followers. Be social instead, share interesting content that is relevant to your industry, follow potential clients and associates and don’t post too often.

Online reputation management

If you fail to recognize, monitor and manage what people are saying about your company or services on social media you will experience serious reputation problems which can translate into a loss of potential customers. Be out there, monitor your accounts and your company name. Setup Google alerts to notify you when it discovers new content with your brand/company name then check it out and take action if necessary.

Also, don’t forget that whatever you say on social media websites can be seen by anyone and everyone. When promoting your business on social media always be professional and never take things personally because one bad outburst can damage your reputation forever. Don’t forget that clients like to think that they are always right. We all know that is not true but when it comes to business and customer satisfaction sometimes we need to bite our tongue and let the customer feel important.

So, start slowly, engage your fans, don’t spam or over promote, be social and always network with other business owners.

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Nenad Rajsic

Nenad is an IT consultant who helps SMEs with technology and online presence. He has years of experience with systems and networks, web design and technologies, SEO and social media marketing.

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