Wouldn’t it be nice if your laptop battery lasted longer and forever. Unfortunately, laptop batteries are not designed in that way and they degrade over time. Depending on how often you charge and use it, your battery can last anywhere from a year to over 6 years. I have a laptop that’s almost 6 years old but it’s mainly sitting in my office plugged into the mains socket. When I take it out with me I can use it for almost 3.5hrs before it needs charging. I think, when it was new, it said up to 6h so this is not bad at all considering the age.

Let’s check the health of our battery and see what happens.

This feature is available in Windows 10.

Click on the start button and type run.

Type in powercfg /batteryreport and press enter

You might see a command prompt window for a second and then it will disappear.

Your battery health report is now ready and you can find it by going to C:\>Users>YourUsername folder

You will find a file called battery-report.html in there, just double click on it and it will open in your default web browser.

Battery report gives you lots of stats because windows monitors your battery performance over time. Have a look at the Installed Batteries section and compare Design Capacity with Full Charge Capacity. As you can see in my case the Design Capacity is 48840mWh and the Full Charge Capacity is 28594 mWh. Basically, what that means is that my battery degraded around 50% over time.

Let’s say that my battery lasted 6h when the laptop was new, now it would last only 3 hours. I can still get almost 3.5 if I enable power saver options and just use it for browsing, word, excel etc.

When you are out and about and you have no access to the mains socket go to power options and select power saver. That will give you some extra time to do what you need to do before your battery runs out. You can also disable your WiFi and Bluetooth if you don’t use them and lower your screen’s brightness.

When you run your battery report please let me know what the design capacity is + make/model of your laptop in the comments area below.

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Nenad Rajsic

Nenad is an IT consultant who helps SMEs with technology and online presence. He has years of experience with systems and networks, web design and technologies, SEO and social media marketing.

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