What is an .m4b file?

M4B files are usually audio books. It’s just a MPEG-4 file with different extension. However, it does come with added functionality such as allowing your player to pause and remember where you stopped and resume later from that point.

If you use iTunes and Apple devices you have probably noticed that your music files have a .M4A extension, Ringtones have M4R and audiobooks have M4B.

But what if you don’t have or don’t want iTunes on your machine? The answer is pretty simple – just use Windows Media Player to open an M4B file.

How to open M4B files on a Windows computer?

  • Right click on the file you wish to open and select “open with”
  • Scroll down the list and select Windows Media Player

If you are on Windows 10 you might get a message saying that the selected file extension is not recognised. Just ignore that message and click “yes” to play the content.

You can also use the same technique and select VLC media player or any other media player that you might have on your machine.

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Nenad Rajsic

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