Spam and Malware: We are processing your PC WORLD order (PCW1521248708)

This is the latest spam batch that’s hitting UK mailboxes. This time it claims to come from PC World and as usual contains a malicious document.

Do not open attachments if you are not expecting emails from those organisations!!

PC World SpamSender: PC World <>

Subject: We are processing your PC WORLD order (PCW1521248708)

Attachment: 102836144.doc


If we run that document through Virus Total we get a detection rate of 3 out of 55

Code page is Cyrillic which signals Russia to me but the master behind it could be anyone.


Other financial malware spam you might get this week:

From: Leta Newton

Subject Invoice No 39830 from CHEVRON ALARMS LTD A/C LA 15B3F598


Andrew Williams <>

E-Service (Europe) Ltd Invoice No: 10013405


Summer Medina <>

Invoice from DSV 34DADB11 , ARIA (U K) LTD, 03292437, Customer ref: ALEX MUNRO, SE/GB

Only 3 antivirus companies detect something malicious inside that document at the moment.


None of the major companies recognise the document as being malicious but that doesn’t mean you should open it.

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